Service Exchange

Here at Jakespare we offer an array of service exchange parts, all repaired in-house and by selected specialists to high standards of workmanship. Including Starter Motors, Alternators, Injection Pumps, Hyd Rams, Engines & Transmissions and Axles.

Here are a few of the service exchange items currently in stock for immediate dispatch:

Reconditioned Perkins 801-8052 Engines

KD 103-10
KE 103-15
KR 104-22


HP 404C-22


GJ 403D-11
GK 403D-15
GN 404D-22
From £1750 +vat depending on availability

Reconditioned Perkins 1000 Series Phaser

AA 75hp nat/asp
AB 92-102hp turbo
From £1800 +vat

Green 1000 Series Darwin

AR 75-80-85HP nat/asp
AB 92-100hp turbo
From £2450 +vat

Tier 2 - 1104C Series Vista

RE 82-85 hp nat/asp
RG 92-100hp turbo
RJ 125HP turbo/intercooled
From £2750 +vat

All 4 cylinder Perkins available in Backhoe or Telehandler spec for timing case driven pumps.

Reconditioned Isuzu Engines

JCB JS 130-160 4BG1T TIER 1
JS130XO(PA-04)FROM 758001
JS160XO(PA-03)FROM 702001
from £3500 +vat

JCB JS200 - JS220 Isuzu 6BG1TQB-04 Tier 1 from serial 705318 available in 2 options

1) Remanufactured long engine c/w injectors & water pump
£5800 +vat

2) Remanufactured complete engine c/w ancilaries (water pump, injection & lift pump, injectors, turbo etc)
£7600 +vat

Earlier JCB JS200 Isuzu 6BD1TLE05 available long engine only
£5800 +vat

JCB JS 240-260XO TIER 1-6BG1T QB-05
Also available on request

JS130 X0 Hyd Pump

KNJ 1817R

Kayaba PSV2-55T

£2350 +vat

JS160 X0 Hyd Pump

KNJ 0317R

Kayaba PSV2-60T

£2350 +vat

JS200 X0 Hyd Pump

KRJ 4573R

Kawasaki K3V11ZDT-1G4R-9C12-1

£2750 +vat

JCB JS330 Hyd Pump


Uchida A8V107ESBR

Repair only

Recon JCB Slew Rams

Project 12 + 21 serial 460000 ON

£500 +vat

Recon JCB Bucket Rams

Project 12 + 21 serial 481801 ON

60mm Rod

£350 +vat

Recon Exchange Loadall Front Carriages

Available for the following machines:
530-70+531-70+Farm Special

£1000 +vat